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Does your company or organization make and take calls from customers, suppliers or partners or do you operate a call center? If so, then call recording is a must. While call recording is critical to comply with regulatory requirements, it is also useful for training, ensuring quality and, if needed, resolving disputes.

Here are seven key benefits to cloud-based call recording as-a-service.

1. Enhance the productivity of your employees

2. Improve the efficiency of your communications

3. Boost the effectiveness of your sales processes

4. Increase your marketing and business intelligence
5. Resolve disputes quickly with proof of the conversation

6. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements

7. Minimize liability by identifying and correcting problem areas or agents

At Hemisphere Communications, call recording solution is cloud-based and delivered “as a service,” so you get an enterprise-grade platform that’s highly reliable, scalable, secure and available immediately on a subscription basis. Some additional benefits of a cloud-based system include:

No Equipment to Buy. The service leverages our enterprise-class call recording platform located in our secure data center so there is no additional hardware to purchase or install.

Pay as You Go. There is no upfront capital investment necessary.  The call recording as-a-service you need is provided for a monthly subscription cost.

Easily Scalable. The cloud-based system can quickly and easily scale to meet additional users across distributed locations.

Offload Management. There is no need for you to administer or manage the call recording system; our expert team of engineers are on the job 24/7/365.

Ensure Privacy. Hemisphere Communications offers multi-level access control and partition multi-tenant resources to ensure data protection and customer privacy.

Support for Remote Workers. The cloud-based call reporting as-a-service is accessible to remote and mobile workers that have internet connections.


Our call recording solution is flexible and is integrated with our SIP Trunking service and our cloud-based hosted PBX and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate our call recording solution with third-party applications, such as CRM and help desk systems, to achieve superior customer service and maximum business results.

For more information about cloud-based call recording  as-a-service, contact Hemisphere Communications using this link, or call 716.646.1773 to speak with one of our associates.